It’s all about the fun…

We’re glad you have found your way onto our site, because it means you are one step closer to giving your children a fabulous go karting party that they will remember and cherish for years.

We make your parties more fun

Wacky Karts has the perfect ingredients to create memorable go kart party experiences for children aged four & upwards.

Safe, electric operated Go-Karts are set up in a challenging inflatable circuit, all under the watchful eye of fully trained staff who manage everything for you in a fun and engaging way.

Ideal for any budding Max Verstappens or Lewis Hamiltons!

About our parties

Inside or outside, our parties are full to the brim with fun. But we also take the stress out of organising the party for you, so that come the day you can relax and enjoy!

We’ve been doing kids driving parties for 14 years now, so have learnt a thing or two about how to make them run smoothly

Go Kart Party

There are heaps of different kinds of party out there to entertain your kids – so why choose a go kart party? Well you know how kids just love to emulate Mum and Dad? This is a perfect opportunity to let them get behind the wheel (perhaps for the first time ever!) and see if they can drive better than their mum or dad. Not once have we seen them use hand gestures or shout at the other drivers, so you guys must be doing something right!