About the Go Karts

The electric powered cars travel between 1 and 6 kph and with light accurate steering and very smooth controls, youngsters find driving them extremely easy to manage. They are completely safe with a cushioned seat, padded cockpit, front, side and rear bumpers, sturdy roll bars, low centre of gravity and powerful regenerative braking. If the kids veer off course, they are brought to a gentle halt by the inflated boundary.

Control panelBattery modulePowerful rear wheel motorsRubber mounted side and rear bumpersWide tyresGear leverPolycarbonate front bumperRubber buffersAccelerator pedal with speed-limiterAdjustable seatGenerous padding around driverSpace frame chassis
CUB Kart - image from Pacer brochure

Kart and Circuit Information

The electric CUB Karts are designed and built by Pacer Leisure International, a family run business which has been involved with manufacturing and selling its unique range of karts for more than ten years.

The CUB kart is a battery operated off road rally kart which is extremely safe for children between 3 -10 years of age.

CUB Kart: summary of safety features

  • Conform fully to EC Machinery Directives;
  • Powered by leak proof gel-filled 24 volt battery housed in a protective moulded case;
  • Top speed can be pre-set anywhere between 1 mph and 6 mph to suit children of different ages and abilities;
  • Adjustable cushioned seat and padded cockpit provide comfort and security;
  • Front, side and rear bumpers and sturdy roll bars;
  • Very low centre of gravity;
  • Powerful regenerative braking;
  • Easy to control;
  • Wide pneumatic tyres for sure-footed handling and plenty of grip on slopes and loose surfaces;
  • Designed for indoor or outdoor operation on any hard surface, gravel or grass area, in all weather conditions;
  • Leave no tyre marks or scratches, so pose no risk to surfaces in gymnasiums and halls, lawns or other protected surfaces;
  • No emissions;
  • Virtually no noise;
  • Fully welded space frame chassis;
  • Automotive wheel bearings and steering joints;
  • Dedicated circuit board to command and protect the entire electrical system, activated by a convenient small control panel;


Motor:Twin 140 watt
Power:24 volt battery
Charger:24 volt 40 amp
Speed:1 mph – 6 mph
Weight:65Kg exc battery
Battery weight:20Kg
Tyres-Front:11 x 400 x 5
Colour:Red as standard
Bumpers – front:Polypropylene
Bumpers – rear:Steel tube

Inflatable Circuit

The circuit measures 15 metres long x 11 metres wide and is supported by air from an electric blower. It has a ten foot high ‘grand prix’ type arch attached to an air supported centre island.

The track is in one piece, and the nature of the structure ensures that when the CUB Kart comes into direct contact with the circuit cover it is brought to a gentle halt.

Twin sewn seams using No. 8 THREAD

  • Double sided nylon based grade A BSS5867.B fabric
  • Fire-resistant PVC high quality finish
  • 2” webbing reinforcement