Is it safe?

The activity and equipment are designed with the utmost safety in mind. However, it is essential that all drivers adhere to the rules, listen carefully to safety briefings and not drive beyond their capabilities. All our equipment is regularly checked and our staff are trained to adhere to our safety procedures. See Safety for more information.

Is it supervised?

Yes, all karting sessions are supervised by fully trained and experienced personnel. They are in attendance throughout every session to ensure all drivers adhere to the rules and safety procedures and enjoy the day too!

What clothes should they wear?

Casual clothing that is loose and comfortable and flat shoes, preferably trainers or similar. There is no requirement for children to wear a helmet because the karts are so safe.

Will they be shown what to do?

Wacky Karts staff will ensure that each child is capable of using the kart and that they are the prescribed age and height. They will not let any child drive who they believe are not able to use the kart safely. It is surprisingly easy and great fun once they know the correct way to drive the karts.

How does the session run?

At the start of any go karting session all drivers receive a full safety briefing and equipment demonstration. After checking each child’s capabilities in a kart, they will start their driving experience. The children will drive the karts in groups of 4 for 3 minutes, then the next group of 4 children will have a go and so on. After the initial turns we introduce team games. At the end of the session, all children receive a printed certificate to commemorate their karting experience and the birthday child receives a medal. See Party format for more information.

How long does the session last?

The actual driving time will be just under an hour if you book an hour’s session, or just under 1.5 hours for a 1.5 hour session and so on, to allow time for the safety briefing. If it you have booked food at one of our venues, this will be for an extra half an hour afterwards in the refreshments area.

How many children can I bring?

We run 1 hour parties for a maximum of 12 children and 1.5 hour parties for a maximum of 20 children, but we recommend 16 children for 1.5 hour parties. We have found that these timings and numbers work best. Note: if the party is for a child turning 4 years old, we only offer a one hour party.

If I book for 12 children, does it have to be for an hour?

No. Apart from the maximum numbers stated it’s up to you. For example, you can book a 1.5 hour party for 12 children if you wish.

Is there a minimum number of children?

Not as such, but we strongly recommend at least 8 children to make the most of the format and team games.

How much will it cost?

Children’s karting sessions start at £225.00 for an hour. See the prices page for details.

Do I have to pay extra for the venue?

Yes and No. The venue cost for the actual karting is included in the price of the party for some venues. If it is not one of the included venues, you will have to pay the extra. If you book the food area for afterwards, there is an extra charge for half an hour.

Is it really suitable for young children?

Absolutely, the kart and circuit system are designed specifically for young children. However, if the party is for a child turning 4 years old, we only offer a one hour party. We may also revise the format slightly for younger groups.

Can we buy food and drink at the venue?

There are different catering options depending on the venue. Please see the venue pages for details.

Can we bring our own food and drink to the venue?

If you have booked the food area for after the karting session, you have the option to self-cater and bring your own food and drink, or we can providecatering for you. Unfortunately you are not permitted to bring food into the karting area and only sealed drinks are allowed. If you wish to bring a birthday cake and cut that in the karting room, please let us know prior to the party. Please note: we are not able to provide knives or candles.

Is there an age and height restriction?

The maximum height for a child is 1.5 metres. They must be able to sit comfortably in the kart with space between the top of their head and the chassis. They must also be able to wear the lap strap. The karts are designed for children between 3-10 years old as a guide. However, while 3 year olds are usually able to drive the karts, we cannot run a party for a child who has just turned 3 years old on their birthday. We can run a session for a child turning 4 years old where there are 3 year olds in the party group.

How can I arrange a birthday party karting event?

Decide what date(s) you would prefer, then either call us on 01491 818609 or use the booking form on this website. We will require a £75.00 deposit to secure the booking. We ask for numbers of children taking part when booking and any catering requirements.

Do we have to pay extra for insurance?

No, we have £5 million public liability insurance.

How do I pay?

To secure your booking, we will need you to pay a £75.00 deposit, either by cheque or BACS. We will then send you a confirmation letter. The balance can be paid by cheque prior to the event or on the day of the party.

Can I leave my children at the venue?

No, adult supervision is required. If there are more than 5 children all under 12 years of age, there must be at least two adults present throughout (in addition to the Wacky Karts staff).