We don’t just do karts…

Although our Pacer Cub Karts are just fab and full of fun, sometimes people want something a little bit different – and who are we to say no?

We have Jeeps, mini Ferraris, Quad Bikes, a range of petrol karts and also our off road rally karts! If that’s not quite enough, please speak to us as we’ll probably know someone who can! Here’s our line up of fun…

Wacky Wheelers

Wacky Wheelers Jeeps are great for kids from ages 4 to 8, even though they are designed to go up to 10! With a variety of tracks available you can have from 4 to 10 Jeeps (or more) running – so even if you have a huge party we can accommodate it, indoors or out. For more info see our website at Wacky Wheelers

Wacky Quads

Wacky Quads use Suzuki LT50 quad bikes and come with a super safe inflatable track to keep the riders inside. Only suitable for outdoors, preferably on a flat soft surface (ie not tarmac or concrete), they make for great parties and are an excellent attraction for events. See our website here for more details: Wacky Quads

Grass Monkeys

Strictly for outdoors parties and events, Grass Monkeys are the big daddy of karting fun. With 3 sizes of Grass Kart (Bambino, Cadet and Adult) plus our Pacer P900 Rally Karts we can offer you a solution whatever the age, and whatever the size of event. Website viewable but under work in progress construction here: Grass Monkeys